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Social Security Disability in Ohio

A severe injury or illness can leave a person unable to work, and therefore, unable to provide for themselves and their family. The longer a person is not able to work, the more costly their expenses will be. These expenses extend well beyond medical debt and can be debilitating to a family who is left without a source of income.

To support families who are in this type of situation, the federal government has the Social Security Disability Insurance program in place. Through this program, a person who is unable to work due to an injury can receive benefits that serve as an alternative source of income.

The Social Security Disability lawyers of Urban Co., L.P.A. can assist you with filing a claim and recovering the benefits you deserve. We can advise you on if you qualify for the program, help you file a claim, and represent your rights at every step.

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What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

Social Security Disability Insurance is available to people who have become disabled and are unable to work. The federal program is funded by payroll taxes. It is considered as “insurance” because beneficiaries must “buy in” to the program — this is done by simply working and contributing payroll taxes throughout your life. By working and paying taxes, you earn “work credits” which allow you to qualify for the program and receive benefits if you become disabled.

Social Security Disability Benefits

Through a Social Security Disability Insurance claim, you can receive benefits which mainly serve as a source of income while you are unable to work. Social Security Disability Insurance also accounts for the families of disabled people. Benefits are provided based on the financial need of beneficiaries and their families.

What You Should Know About Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

You must fit certain qualifications to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and must apply for the program.

You must meet the following criteria:

  • Upon applying, you must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have earned enough work credits to qualify
  • Must fit the qualifying definition of disability

Navigating this process can be complex. The qualifications for Social Security Disability Insurance are dependent on each individual’s situation, and it can be difficult to determine if you even qualify before you begin the complicated process of applying for benefits.

Our Social Security Disability lawyers in Warren can help you apply for benefits. We will advise you on the qualifications and will help you work through the entire claim process.

What to Do if Your Social Security Disability Claim was Denied

Unfortunately, Social Security Disability claims can be denied. A claim denial can leave financially vulnerable people without a source of income, and no way to pay for their expenses. If this has happened to you, you can still receive benefits by appealing your claim.

Appeals must be requested, and then claimants must go through several steps before receiving benefits (or potentially being denied benefits again). The Urban Co., L.P.A. legal team can assist you with appealing your claim. We will take on the Social Security Administration and represent your rights to get fair compensation for you.

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Do I Need an Attorney?

If you believe you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance, hiring an attorney is one of the best things you can do to ensure your rights are protected and that your claim is handled successfully. Social Security Disability claims are complex, and even a small mistake can hurt your claim. That’s why it is best to get the help of someone who is experienced in these types of cases — at Urban Co., L.P.A., we are committed to helping you get the benefits you deserve.

We are committed to helping injury victims receive the care and support they need. Contact us today to discuss the details of your case and get started on your claim.

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